PERFORMANCES on tape (# from AHCT video collection)

The Liar [La verdad sospechosa]. (RA00)
Chamizal. 2000. Antaeus Company. Traducción de Dakin Matthews. Directora, Anne McNaughton. North Hollywood, California, USA. Color.

The Walls Have Ears [Las paredes oyen] (RA99)
Chamizal 1999. Oklahoma City University Theatre. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Translator and Director: David Pasto

Life is a Dream [La vida es sueño] (CB991)
Chamizal 1999. Texas Tech University Theatre. Lubbock, Texas. Director: Jim Bush. Translation by Roy Campbell. "

Fuenteovejuna (VC983)
Chamizal 1998. Borderlands Theater in co-production with Pima Community College Theater Department from Tucson, Arizona. Director Barklay Goldsmith. English

The Physician of His Honor [El Médico de su honra] (CB972)
Chamizal. 1997/ University of Wisonsin-Milwaukee, directed by Isaac Benabu. Color

The House of Trials [Los empeños de una casa] (CI96)
Chamizal. 1996. Oklahoma City University. English translation by David Pasto. Color.

Love's True Lies [A verdad sospechosa] (RA95)
Chamizal. 1995. Richard Bland College Players. College of William and Mary. English. Translation by Kenneth Stackhouse. Color.

The Balconies of Madrid [Los balcones de Madrid] (TM94)
Chamizal. 1994. Southwest Repertory Organization. English. El Paso, Texas.Color.

The Dog in the Manger [El perro del hortelano] (VC94)
Chamizal. 1994. Kitsilano Theatre. In English. Vancouver, BC. Color.

Interludes [Entremeses] (CS93)
Chamizal. 1993. University of Texas-Pan American. Edinburg, Texas. English translation by Randall E. Listerman. Includes: THE STAGE OF WONDERS; THE CAVE OF SALAMANCA; THE BISCAYAN IMPOSTER; TRAMPAGOS, THE WIDOWER PIMP; THE VIGILANT GUARD. Color. [Not usable at this time]

The Outcast in [El vergonzoso en palacio] (TM93)
Chamizal. 1993. English. Troupe Texas. Austin, Texas, Translation by Harley Erdman. Color.

The Incomparable doña Ana [La gallarda toledana] (VC912)
Chamizal. 1991. English. Translation by Harley Erdman with Juan Morali. The Department of Theater and Dance. University of Texas, Austin, Texas. Color.

Gambler's House [La casa del tahur] (MA90)
Chamizal. 1990. English. Translation by Vern G. Williamsen. Texas A & M University. College Station, Texas. Color.

In Love but Discreet [La discreta enamorada] (VC86)
Chamizal. 1986. English. Translation by Vern Williamsen. University Theater, University of Missouri. Color. 2 hr.

In Love but Discreet [La discreta enamorada] (VC862)
Columbia, Missouri. 1986. English. Translation by Vern Williamsen. Performed at the Rynsburg Theater. Color. 2 hr.

The Dog in the Manger [El perro del hortelano] (VC882)
University of Dublin. 1986. English. Translation and direction by Victor Dixon. Color











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